"Mass Incarceration Affects us All"

Our committee is a proud member of the Virginia Prison Justice Network and a sponsor of VAPOC (Virginia Prisoner of Conscience).

Listen to the audio blog and take action!  Audio posts are by VAPOC members.  Blog posts are written by prisoners in Virginia.

Every day we get letters from prisoners.  We advocate for their human rights, provide information and address their grievances.  If you'd like to help, let us know!  Contact justicebburg@gmail.com

Visitation, A Right, Not A Privilege

So, after the Department of Corrections finally figured out the conundrum they had on their hands, the drug epidemic, they've decided to make modifications to our visitation policy in Virginia's prisons. Took quite a while... Sad! Prior to the modifications, friends and family could go to the website and apply to visit with any offender in the state of Virginia. What is now being implemented is what is called AFOI, or "Assisting Families of Inmates." Video visitation basically. Of course, nothing in this state is ever a simple process, so restrictions do apply. Restrictions, as well as a price, of course. Literally. The cost is approximately ten dollars for a thirty minute visit and twenty-t

The Slow and Painful Decline of Prisoners with Serious Mental Health Issues

I've written this letter before.... a thousand times?!....more?.... It has become akin to smoking cigarettes.... I don't really know why I am doing it, but as sure as the sun rises, I'll pull another one from the pack and light it up... an endeavor that serves no real purpose beyond feeding the immediate urge of a habit... maybe this time I'll be heard.... In 2011 I experienced a severe head injury, which caused a major traumatic brain injury, which exacerbated a lifetime of mental health issues -- bipolar, major depressive disorder, anxiety, PTSD, and more. In 2016, over the course of six months, I experienced a list of stressors, which included my father being robbed at gunpoint, my teena






Our committee logo was designed by Kareem Carr, an inmate at Greensville Correctional Center.

The Coalition for Justice is a founding member of the Virginia Prison Justice Network (VAPJN) and a sponsor for VAPOC.

VAPJN is a network of organizations around the state who work for change in the prison system by seeking solutions to the judicial racism that plagues our criminal justice system and by also providing a platform for prisoners to be heard.  For more information on VAPJN, go here.

VAPOC, a prisoner led organization of prisoners and supporters, who seek to end mass incarceration in Virginia by promoting awareness among the incarcerated and those in society by enlightening them in the fields of Prison Justice, Law, Politics, and Community Rebuilding/Reentry, thereby motivating them to become more involved in the struggle for freedom, justice, and equality.  For more information on VAPOC go here.


The CFJ Prison Justice Committee believes that our current retributive justice system focuses on punishment, blame and isolation. Restorative justice focuses on healing and rehabilitation with an understanding that race and class are major factors in mass incarceration.  By allowing prisoners to take responsibility for their actions, they can not only repair harm but can learn how to make responsible choices and prevent future harm.  We need more dialogue, community support, inclusion and involvement.  We do not excuse criminal behavior by any means.  We believe in accountability but we see the need to treat prisoners with respect and allow them their human rights.  Only then, can they truly successfully reintegrate into the larger community.  Our steering committee:  Margaret Breslau, Jennifer Deegan, Kay Kay Goette, Askari Danso, Chanell Burnette, Hassan Shabbaz.

We must all look in our communities and campuses to see the invisible hands that connect us -- from the prison made furniture at VT, to reintegrating prisoners back into our community in just and responsible ways.

Get involved.

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