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All he wants is to kill them . Once he's killed the first he continues to kill off all who come his way with the perfect plan of killing every individual, once there are no more individuals to kill the killer is free to kill himself. A Japanese TV drama series airing between 2001 and 2003, this is about a man who, in a bookshop in Tokyo, becomes increasingly interested in serial murder. The reason is that his boyfriend who is in the second floor flat died while visiting a cemetery, and later he finds out that the boyfriend's mother was killed by a serial murderer. The TV-series is based on a true story about a serial killer, Seiichi Koga, who in 1966 killed eight women while the lover of one of the women lived. American sitcom set in a police station in Chicago, who was involved in a drug case. He has a right to freedom and needs to find a lawyer, but he lacks money. Someone in the station who helps him find a lawyer, along with the police chief and with his best friend and love interest. American sitcom, where the main character is a gay man with a love of rock music and fast cars. He finds out his mother is living, and travels to Los Angeles. There, he takes a job, works hard to move up the corporate ladder, where the main character is killed. British television sitcom in which the main character is a young man who lives in a large house with his family, in which they have a pet dog and a cat, and, along with his family, they are the most loved people in the world. A British television series in which an amiable television presenter has to go to work for the new world order after having resigned from his television show. Japanese anime series, about a private detective who gets sent to a world where the entire city is controlled by a network that directly controls the thoughts and actions of all citizens. A British television drama series which has four separate episodes, but they are connected by the main character. He is forced to spend more time with his parents after a criminal acquaintances, whom he knew before, tries to rape his sister. An American television sitcom in which the main character is a police officer, who is now working in the community where the station. His wife leaves him and he has to look after their son, who has inherited the same tendency as his mother. Police drama set in Lisbon, where the main character is an officer



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