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Liberation Begins in Our Minds

FOOD 4 THOUGHT.. ONE OF THE MOST COMMON WAYS PEOPLE GIVE UP THEIR POWER IS BY THINKING THEY DON'T HAVE ANY.. One of the greatest minds to ever be a part of the collective struggle & challenge the bias practices that were being implemented on the South African soil, this movement is known as the "south African apartheid"& the vanguard of this movement was "Stephen Biko". He argued that the liberation grows out of the realization by the oppressed and that the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed..(ponder that a minute. ) This man was subjected to systematic targeting for exerting himself in an attempt to attain freedom,justice & equality for the people & to make those that were chosen by the people to govern them accountable for a system & culture that was deeply rooted in systematic racism towards those of African ethnicity.. He was killed by police in 1977 after being severely beaten in police custody. Today this behavior still exist,for my political position & social awareness & attempts to practice such & convey it to the masses I am falsely labeled/flagged which results in a lot of systematic restrictions which decreases,by design, my opportunities to partake in the available institutions & programs that will afford me the opportunity to develop a productive & healthy lifestyle mentally as well as physically..these opportunities will allow me to fashion tools that can be transitioned into society..I have been outright transferred from one prison to the next for exercising my first amendment..then to arrive at the next prison & have the prison guards say to me "if I bring that smart sh** there that they would beat my black ass"..these are all attempts to break me into relinquishing my power,my power stand up,my power challenge the unjust practices of those whose occupation in tells that they are to uphold Justice..I feel to relinquish such is to not only distort my true self but to spiritually rob a nation.furthermore,I realize that it would be like aiding a system of oppression & repression to flourish..damn that!! in conclusion,if any person,place or thing or set of circumstances prevents you from living to your fullest capacity & encourages mediocrity then I advise you to break it because if not it will absolutely break you.."I WILL NOT COMPROMISE MY POWER BUT RATHER GALVANIZE MY POWER" peace & blessings. Russell "Empirical" Banks #1023420 Red onion state prison, P.O.Box1900, Pound,va 24279

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