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Get Rid of the 21 Day Rule in Virginia

In Virginia there is a 21 day rule which states that once your sentence has been pronounced, you have 21 days to ask for a reconsideration or modification. After that you can never ask the judge to reconsider the sentence given. In like manner, Virginia Code Section 19.2-303 provides that once your sentence is given, and you're transported to the Department of Corrections, your sentence cannot be modified. This takes away the discretionary power of judges to reconsider the sentence of a prisoner who has done all that he can do to reform himself and deserves a second chance. These two laws need to change to the point of giving discretionary power back to judges for reconsideration, especially since there has been no parole since 1994. Let's pressure the legislature to make these and other changes.

Contact: @RalphNortham (804) 786-2078) or comment: #LetJudgesReconsider #Freedom4Hassan

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