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Growing Up in Prison. Prisoner statement for 1/20/18 Prison Justice Rally

Hello my name is Steven, I address this message to those giving recognition to those who stand united putting forth a devoted and earnest effort to bring upon changes in our justice systems. I currently stand a statistic and representation of the unfair punishment that is being inflicted upon the lawbreakers. Yes INDEED we as lawbreakers are deserving of punishment. However, not to the extent of never being able to experience another chance and shot at society. To be able to show that we've humbled ourselves and utilized our time wisely through rehabilitation programs and vocational classes offered to ensure career opportunities and a productive way of living beyond these walls. I am a man of color 26 yrs of age having been incarcerated since 14 on first degree murder. My sentence was initially a life sentence with all but 32 yrs suspended. I was I REPEAT 14 yrs of age having grown up in a very dysfunctional household that instilled in me a crime filled lifestyle which only made it inevitable for me to carry out such acts of behavior. I know I deserve to be punished, but as a juvenile it should come at the discretion of allowing one the privilege and opportunity to be released into society at a reasonable age, to properly adjust and adapt to a world and place that's constantly evolving in technology and standards. I commend you for advocating on the behalf of us all that hold great faith that change will be implemented in our justice systems and fair & rational sentencing will soon be reflection shown. Thank you for giving me a moment of you're time and may this rally have a big impact and affect moving forward in our justice systems. Sincerely Written, Steven

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