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Prisoners and Food Security

Dear bro's & sis's peace! in the wake of a national televised survey done on GMA last week, I think it is necessary to watch what we are eating. I mean come on who voluntarily accepts cancer? The survey spoke on process meat/super processed meat that causes liver cancer, colon cancer, & breast cancer. In men & women. Not to mention we are the leading candidates for heart disease already (in the black community). I want to point out the scientists who conducted this survey examined street food. We are eating (bottom of the barrel food) This is Blk history month which is a great time to celebrate, however take this opportunity to emancipate from the oppressive foods we consciously & subconsciously eat. Now I'm not asking to eat like a King I'm asking to eat without the possibility of developing a dangerous disease that could turn life threatening. The majority of us are indigent so if we are diagnosed with any one sect of disease we can't pay for it which puts us in a life long debt. Which will cost more $ to than the tax payers then before. Regardless if I'm in prison or not. Am I still an Amerikan citizen? & I'm telling you this can be avoided. Like at the prison I'm at now the menu consist of raw potatoes, over cooked sweet potatoes, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, & disintegrated apples. Nothing else. So if you are still reading this where is the nutritional value in our diet? I recently wrote to the food director & her response, every thing is backed by the health department. I find it crazy how we fight each other for gas station food (soups & honey buns) but won't fight 4 food that is purchased by the tax payers. I no we are incarcerated for terrible things but if we are being sentenced to life can we at least live. I want to say its no food lion in here. Which removes all fruits & vegetation. Its time for change. These words are only designed to shed light on injustice. I'm doing a 21 year sentence & I try my best to exercise, read, & function all to reconnect with my family & community. However they say food goes str8 to the heart. In this case they mean it literally. Yes my name is Steven Diaz & I like to dedicate this

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