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What a letter could mean, some thoughts

I'm confined to a world behind four walls, where nobody See's me and nobody calls, yes I know I'm here.. I live each and everyday to see the other side, often I pray if one in there right mind would trade places with me, they'd see how cold and lonely four walls can be. I dream at night of far away places. But I still wake to see the same strange faces, often I sleep and wake up alarmed in fear that my family and friends have been harmed. Just dreams I admit as I come to my senses. Then I look out the window at the huge barbed wire fences, I get dressed and go on with my day waiting for some mail none for you they say, not a write or even a card, when no one writes it makes doing time hard, you don't know my friend what a letter could mean until you've been where I've been and seen what I've seen.... So please take the time to write a letter maybe it's not much to you but to me it would mean the world, so as you read this take I to heart, sit down and take the time for a better start cause until you've been where I've been and seen what I've seen you'll never know how much and what a letter could mean.....

"A PRISONERS LIFE" It's waiting on letters when your doing time, your friends don't write or even send a dime, it's waiting on visits that never take place from friends and love ones that have forgotten your face.... It's hearing them say how hard they trying, they make promises when you know they lying, it's making plans with those you thought you knew. But their plans change and they don't include you... It's hearing them say how much they care, but in your time of need their never there. It's hearing a promise, it goes straight to your head, but when push comes to shove theyll leave you for dead... Its feeling love, honor, pride, pain and emotions hurting inside, its expressing feelings to loved ones and friends but they can't feel you because your in the pin... It's calling and hearing a block on the phone but still you maintain cause life goes on... It's feeling messed up when you're doing time but that's a prisoners life, OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND!!!!!!

"PRISON THROUGH MY EYES Prison life has become trifling, as we as men stand behind this wall with only a number to be known by. We continue to wonder about the lives we lived once before, trying to forget the present situation. Its the same thing day in and day out, most of us are disinclined to what we have to see, all the homosexuality, larceny, the lack of unity, the constant lack of solitude and tranquility. Most find religion and other positive sects as a way to maintain his composer. The penitentiary has change for the worst, nobody wants to stand together in unity, but it's more like let's prey on the weak cause he can't fend for himself. We all need to wake up and see the truth that we are at war with the mind over territories that don't even belong to us, everyone is to dominate the next man's opinon, we can not survive without standing as one. The harder we try the harder it will be for us to cope in this untamed environment. WHERE IS NO REPENTANCE THERE IS NO SUBMISSON, THERE'S ONLY UNITY FOR THE STRONG TO OVERCOME ALL THE OPPRESSION IN WHICH WE ALL FALL VICTIM TOO!!!!!! As a collective we have to do better, We overcame some of the worst times in the history, SLAVERY although we are still being in slaved with all these prison's if we can for just one moment stop fighting each other, and start teaching and standing up for one another, nothing can stop us. People are always asking for a change but don't put in the work and show some determination to make the change we all are looking for, so my people out there in the free world its our time to stand up and demand change, our voices can and will be heard... I send all my blessings and love to all who has taken the time to listen and understand we need your support as we stand behind this untamed environment...

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