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Moving Forward, A Prisoner's Re-entry Plan

Peace and Blessings,

I believe in the power of activism and self-determination on behalf of the people. Throughout my 17 years of incarceration I've made every effort to create programs and build relationships with the youth, especially those who lack confidence, for me there's nothing worse than a person who lacks confidence, particularly the youth.

I'm also a veteran of the United States Army so much of the discipline and skill I required while enlisted I use in my efforts to mobilize my peers toward activism and self-education. Currently I work as a law clerk here at River North and I strive to empower brothers by teaching the politics of our environment so that they can teach and understand what their rights are. Subsequently, they learn to hold those in power accountable.

I also have a parole concept that I'd like to place online for people to view and, hopefully, we can galvanize around the idea. I appreciate the mobilization concerning the lack of opportunity for early release, however, I've yet to actually see a potential plan that can at least spark conversation and possibly a movement toward reforming the system we find ourselves in.

I'm also an advocate for re-entry processes and programs. Although I'm serving life, I believe that my peers who are on their way out will speak on my behalf if they make the proper investment in themselves.

The accompanying program is called "The Forward Initiative" and it is the basis of my movement. I hope to build a coalition from the inside out.

Note from CFJ: to read Danny's well thought out plan on helping newly released prisoners move forward, or for that matter, anyone who wants to lead a more productive, purposeful life read his plan here.

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