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U A Lil Negro, Gary Coleman

Hotep! brothers & sisters in the struggle!! For those who dont know who Gary Coleman was he was a lil homie, just like David in the Bible. He represents the justice we all seek. A lot of times we get exhausted/frustrated. Sometimes we use the excuse its not going to do no good. Or I'm not going to be on the front line for somebody else, & one if the reasons why we want instant gratification (wanting to be big homies) but dont want to go into combat with goons like Goliath (who dont contemplate overthrowing a tyrant who is in complete control over our people) Now we claim to be vanguards in the struggle, but a lot of us chilling in the back of the bus, (which is wild when they still reap the benefits, but don't do anything to assist the army) & the majority of people we worship/grow up giving praise to, were soldiers to the devil's army & not of God! & this is why I wrote this document, it serves as a direct appeal to my peers as well as our youth, I was once there in your age bracket wearing your shoes & I went through a lot of heart ache, strife, & pain. And after all these traumatic experiences the only weapon I could use was time, It enabled me to understand what I see now, The majority of our father's are missing from our household! or involved in the street life! some are dead! others incarcerated for long periods of time (which is a physical death away from real family values) Then our mothers sit at home single, dependent towards to state, or working numerous jobs (at long hours getting paid minimum wage all to put food on our plate/clothes on our back) then some of them are head over heels in the street life, or incarcerated for long periods of time (which to them is worse because they are really out of site & out of mind) Cause the majority of the time we as men don't hold no type of loyalty towards our women when we are on the streets/when they sit & rot in prison. When we sit in these bathrooms & demand the world. Then we make up these farfetched as stories, we lie, we manipulate, we make promises, & use the quilt trips to get money. When the life should consist of nothing more than divinity (the man, woman, & child) Instead we are content or comfortable living behind these curtains. I've seen dust on the law libraries computers. Some don't even look at the Operating Procedures that govern our well being. I can personally & honestly say, I know and understand what my crime did to my family, to the victims family, or even my community that surrounds it. I have always been remorseful or in complete sorrow. I wish what did happen did not happen. I don't glorify my crime. & I'm ashamed of being in here. I just recently have been conversing with an number of activist. They provide me with hope. They also have done more for me than my peers/homies. Please peers/kids do not fall for the banana in the tail pipe. Stay in school & go to college. & high school degree/GED in our society now is worthless. Aim high. & remember if the bar was low everyone would walk over. Anyone who stands on the other side of these barbwire fences, reconsider your current situation. I wouldn't wish this treatment upon anyone. It's simply not worth giving up your freedom. Only if you are protecting some one in your family, I could see it. Or to Protect your house/property alright I can understand it. But just to prove a point being peer pressured/under the influence if I was in your position, Yo!! think again. Use your own brain power. This system is designed for us. Its like the old saying if U can trick them then you can beat them. Or if you build it they will come. We have to realise we are the face of this prison shit. The politics that surround us are irrelevant when have no voice to truly serve our people. When our tax money is paying for their injustice/reign. This is not to defend all prisoners who are incarcerated no! Its a wake up call that we overall need a change. U have some many brothers in here literally walking around dead! On a mental scale, physical scale, & on a spiritual scale. When its nothing going inside our brains. I was told this rally is based on grievances raised by our brothers/sisters who seek justice. That's a very beautiful thing. I can't wait to walk hand to hand shoulder to shoulder with you all. This gives me inspiration. Cause these things need to end. Every night its a special on, of some major city saying well this lawyer turned out to be ineffective or this prosecutor is under investigation or this judge is owned/influenced by this corporation. And the reason why all these things are important the more time we serve the more money goes in their pockets. Which fuel more generations of their families linage. We could whisper well their just passing/inheriting contraband. Well I'm going to say that loudly! People its human trafficking. Its saying we live in domestic jungles full of animals, menaces, thugs, & hoodlums. When if your from that neighborhood that's our reality. Everyday we open our eyes. It takes nothing to follow the footsteps of a dummy. Or to jump off the rooftop with a best friend. Now what's sad in our case we jump for the wrong collar of crime. We are influenced to think this way towards one level of crime but turn our head for the next. When its the same damn thing. As the color/minority rate elevates every year. 60% 61% 63% what happens when it turns 100% When our backs rub against the wall is an understatement. We still are begging for employment at McDonalds/BK. I even hate telling you all this but how can we call this a livable wage? My number one grievance with this place is the fact we can't enroll in trade classes but every five years. When vocational trades offer automatic employment. So do we still want to be big homies? Well call out Goliath. If 85% is cruel & unusual we voice your opinion to Ralph Northam. If we want parole reinstated his name is Ralph Northam.Even Gary Coleman has a shot to The End

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