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Just One More, a prisoner's poem for his mother

"Joanna Beverly Cosby" It's been 10yrs. and 4 months; all I can ask is. 'Just One More'... God came calling for his child so you had to go home, Your departure was hasty, but mom, your time will be cherished. Are memories a blessing and a curse, when I first heard I couldn't laugh without crying/I couldn't cry without laughing. I still get teary eyed. That's just the impression you left on people, I love you mom. courageous, strong, and untamed. The intellectual of a teacher, sharp and witty. I love you mom. You help to make this man. 'Just One More'... so I could admire your beautiful features. I have your smile,pigeon toe walk, temper and so much more. A lot of who I am today comes from you and I'm proud of that. Some say I have to much pride, I guess that runs in my bloodlines. 'Just One More'... so I could look into your eyes, I would ask why the discontentment, can I protect you. 'Just One More'... I would share with you my discontent. 'Just One More'... so I could hear your laughter, it always took my insecurities and fears away. 'Just One More'... so I could hear your voice, I would hold on to every syllable. 'Just One More'... I would tell you how sorry I am for all the pain I caused you,and for allowing so many of my talents to waste. I was blinded by my own pain. 'Just One More'... I would have pleaded to you years before your physical departure about bridging our gap. I believe in my heart you heard my cry, my thoughts of you will always shine bright. 'Just One More' I would tell you that I love you unconditionally and Happy Mother's Day. Your son Lorenzo

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