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The Facade of Prison Tours

Yesterday U.S. District Court Judge Norman K. Moon who is presiding over the class action lawsuit filed against Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women toured the facility. He was escorted around the institution by a team of correctional officers so that no one could approach him with any of our questions and concerns. Many of us were unhappy about that; however, I do understand. He was not here to address any personal issues, especially since there are so many. The majority of us have had, or are still battling problems with our medical care. He was here to get a better perspective and gain insight to assist him in rendering a decision. I think we all are grateful for that! In my twelve years of being housed in this facility, I have watched the effort and extra measures taken to make the facility appear presentable when guests visit. Yes, the institution is cleaned daily. However, when someone of importance visits, offenders are hired with the title of "special assignment." They are hired immediately to paint, wax floors and perform extra housekeeping duties. Why is this not done regularly? Why only when "company" comes?"

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