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Education, Not Incarceration

True indeed, I have been away from society for quite a while now. But, when I was a citizen of the "free world" residing in Roanoke, VA, there weren't many educational opportunities. Today, I am unsure of the opportunities provided not only in Roanoke city, but statewide. Are there enough? Is this the reason the crime rate has risen dramatically over the years? Maybe people feel that options are limited and resort to criminal activity. What if there were more for people to do and look to in anticipation? Instead of cycling millions of dollars through the prison system, how about making an investment in teaching people something to use as motivation to obtain a job or begin a career? Thousands of dollars are paid to the state to incarcerate us. Sometimes for petty crimes with way too stringent sentences. What if they took those thousands used to punish us unjustly at times, and offered scholarships to people? There are so many people who feel that they have no choices other than criminal activity. Why not give these brilliant criminal minds a chance to convert to brilliant productive minds? Sometimes all a person needs is a little push for inspiration! Hey Legislators, why not try education instead of mass incarceration?"

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