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All Talk and No Action

Note from CFJ: The MILK program is mentioned in this blog post. MOTHERS/MEN INSIDE LOVING KIDS (MILK): Enhances the understanding, connection and communication between offenders and their children.

What is it with all the lip service? All the talking and all te planning for things that never come to fruition. Who has the time to sit in on meaningless forums which produce no positive results? I am unsure of the way the other prisons operate statewide. But I can speak for this institution. And what I can say about this institution is that, it's too much talking! With each new administration comes the promises for good changes for us all. But that is precisely what it is, talking! Apparently, there is too much talking within Virginia's penal system. Too much talk, and not enough effort to make effective change. I say that because I see the same offenders here for their third and fourth times compared to my first stretch of thirteen years straight, not in installments. So, what are they talking about if they have no positive results to back it up?

When this warden got here, everyone was all in an uproar saying how great he was. Yeah, okay. The only thing he has done was give a microwave. Okay, and he brought back the MILK program. Now, for that I am very appreciative. Anything else he has promised to do, has no happened. So, it inspired me to blog about it because, there had been an issue about some women not tucking in their uniform shirts. So, these geniuses came up with the solution to put us back into scrubs. So, we had scrubs when I got here in 2006. Then they put us in jeans, more taxpayers money. So, then they said, at this very same forum today, that we no longer had to tuck in our shirts, but wait until the memo is posted that we don't have to! What?! So... What is the point of the scrubs if the problem has been solved by not making us tuck in the shirts? A bunch of genuises! Is the problem solved or not? I just don't understand why they haven't figured out that nothing they try to implement is working. They never have anything worked all the way through.

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