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Second Chances

I am happy & honored to have this opportunity & hope my words will not fall on deaf ears if the focus is prison reform, second chances & rehabilitation. As a 55 year old man, I take full responsibility for my actions & I express tremendous remorse for the act that cost someone their life. After serving 35 years in prison I have grown & matured. I understand that 95% of offenders will be released from prison without some sort of programming. Truth is reentry begins the day you enter prison. One third of offenders are less likely to return to prison if they participated in a specific program. These are facts study show. So there is an opportunity to save people & for them to save themselves. Personally I've educated myself & completed many programs & trades. On a personal note, I talk, share, & try to help as many of those individuals as possible. It's our duty to save them from making further mistakes Terence Watts 1076123

Note from CFJ: Recently, prison wide, religious programs were cut to 30 minutes from an hour. There have been cuts to all sorts of prison programs and prisoners can't get into step down programs prior to release because there are too many prisoners already waiting. Educational opportunities beyond GED are becoming increasingly difficult to access. On a happier note, we are pleased to say that Mr. Watts has been released and is doing well.

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