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A Vicious Cycle: Solitary Confinement & Violence

As as offender of almost fifteen years of incarceration, I can see clearly the argument over the use of solitary confinement in correctional institutions. Watching from my standpoint, I have seen both the positive, as well as the negative effects that a trip into solitary confinement can have on a person. I, myself, have never been back there during my stay here at FCCW; but I know many who have. Some come out better. Some the same. Some... Worse. But, that is not even the point of this blog. The point is how bad the violence has now become since they have not been utilizing segregation here at Fluvanna. Everyday it seems that people are fighting somewhere. Some have been seriously injured. Some not. But it's just too much! But with too much idle time, no incentive to do the right thing, and no consequences, what is the desired result for administration? What do they aspire to accomplish? In looking around, I can't see any positive effects.

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