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"Oh u a tuff guy huh?"

1st I want to say RIP to Mr. Aubrey & Mr. Floyd. Our prayers r with da Mother's, Our prayers r with da families. This document is written by a prisoner serving time for an accidental shooting. However with coerced testimony from the victim's wife I was found guilty of 2nd degree murder. Drugs were found on the scene & deals were made. Now I am privileged to have a release date. & would've not grew into the man I am. I chalk up my conviction to da game. Knowing I am God's experience. A soldier in the field for liberation. My life is dedicated to the poor, unjust, & to the modern day thugs. That our president is known for categorizing "us". Well the hate u give, fucc everybody.

An acronym to bring gangs & activists together under one umbrella. Is something I would love to do. Y, cuz it is needed. We the people make up 14% of the United States pop. But in many states is the majority in incarceration, sickness, & death. We c innocent black men being killed for selling cigarettes, buying skittles, gawking at a construction site, walking down the street with urban apparel, or driving with hip hop music playing in the car, being killed/incarcerated for being blk. It's despicable. It makes many of us ? why am I sitting in a prison cell. U witness murder from the good guys. But they wise guys. Their institutions wave flags "blu lives matter" When u harbor killers. To b punished with minimum sentences or probation. It is a brother in A building who is proclaimed to kill a cop 43 years ago (Vincent Martin) & was paroled out due to the coronavirus. He was paroled out due to his time was up. U had mad, angry protesters in the parking lot demanding he not to b released. Most protesters wasn't even born then. But it's a jump on the band wagon effect. One of the parole board members said "looking at the video I can't tell if the shooter was Vincent Martin or not". Meaning the shooter could still b on the streets. Even with eye witnesses, 4 people from different angles could c a crime & tell 4 different stories. Even during the pandemic as sports fans watch old games from 1-20 years ago & c the difference in high def or old azz cable.

Take a second & imagine a murder tape 43 years ago. U c the picture? It is an outcry for justice from brothers in here for the innocent. I sympathize for the mothers, father, the kids. The man not only begged for an opportunity to breath he gave a farewell to his children. Then the cop said "oh u a tough guy huh?" So where was all this support when Colin was putting his knee on the gridiron? Said by Michael Eric Dyson. Compared to Michael Jordan who never spoke out. But u continue to buy his shoes but burn Kapernick jerseys. It was a point made that the NFL owner chose the knee of 12, over the knee of justice. Well they did choose 60 or more Qb's over a man who took his team to the Superbowl. Just like teams who choose 60 or more over Cam Newton cuz of his attitude. Rich wte people hate attitude.

How important was NWA to our struggle? How important was Ice T song. When faced with attitude or resistance towards a wte only complex is like Dr. Dyson pointed out about waiving the Confederate Flag against Amerika. Well, Black people, any person of color were not included in the Amerikan Dream. Dr King once said silence is consent. He said he integrated into a burning house. Kareem said we been choking on the smoke. The Mayor of Atlanta said the justice system is a joke. In the state I live in,Virginia, the governor was caught wearing the highly controversial black face. He 1st denied the picture. Didn't admit to his wrongdoing until being backed in a corner. Well let me hit u with this he didn't deny if he was wearing the Klan suit neither. Well which one was worse? He said he was dresses as Michael Jackson, well my people Michael did a song called "they don't really care about us!" Michael loved the Minister Farrakhan. A champion to black people & their community. Who represents a nation in promoting blk life. Not blk death.

I love seeing athletes speak out. I love seeing people in foreign countries take part. Cuz we have all been hurt behind racial injustice/racial inequality. Since slavery. Mike Wilbon spoke of how seeing a noose petrifies his soul from stories his elder told him. He also said when he hears a siren his bodies shakes. This is the Amerikan Dream yet again turning into a nightmare. How can a cop get bail during a trail for murder but a minority is said to be a menace to society? When we r told we r Amerikan but is treated like refugees. Our president had Steve Bannon in the Big House, knowing he is a wte nationalist. Then during the Charlottesville protest he said again them damn thugs! (he meant Negroes) not we r sorry for the murder of Heather Heyer.

David Duke, the leader of the Klan, said Trump is our President. Farrakhan called Trump, the modern day Pharaoh. We demonize Hitler but don't demonize slavery, the great depression, blk codes, Jim Crow, public housing/health/college, wage earning, etc? Now the coronavirus that is lynching more black bodies, due to the negligence of the biggest thug of them all. We still have cases like Freddie Grey who wasn't tried for a crime but still murdered. Or Tamir Rice being shot for playing Cowboys & Indians. In our environments guns r acceptable as gangs/rip tattoos. When Lebron texted we all we got how is he lying? When Steven Jack said his 6 year daughter is scared for his safety is heartfelt. We need to read our gospels like "tears we can not stop." We need to bang the hood album Victory Lap, cuz we. were born winners & Kings that have to discover our crown. It is greatness in our bones & don't even know it. Read about heroes that look like u in the prison system blood in my eye. Learn who Madiba is. Or nothing censored. People r not mad for no reason, the justice system is becoming a dead horse, do we ? taking the war to Afrika, Or being Grant taking Richmond? Respect

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