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Excessive Force

By Michael Watson

On March 7, 2023 I was in a physical altercation with an officer at WRSP. I was eventually swarmed by approximately 15 officers involving COs, Sgts, Lts, and Captains. As I was being crushed by their body weight struggling to get air, repeatedly yelling,, “I can’t breathe!” I was choked, punched in the face several times and a lieutenant forcefully pushed his thumb in my eye. This assault/battery by staff lasted about two minutes. While inmates laid on the floor, as a mass of twenty or more, officers (K-9s included), handcuffed several inmates. Eventually I was picked up while in hand/leg restraints as I was being escorted down the sidewalk by four officers. I stated, “Your body cameras better be on and I’m filing a lawsuit.” I was then thrown face forward on the concrete. Two hours later I was emergency transferred to ROSP. My injuries were: severely broken clavicle; hemorrhaging in my eye; nerve damage to my thumb/wrist; and knee injury.

I have been in RHU since, recommended for level S. I was written two aggravated assault charges; two disobeying direct orders; and one of the assaults is possibly a criminal matter. My family has hired a lawyer who is currently working on getting me out of the Western Region. I have been in the Western Region for a total of 25 years of the 28 I’ve been incarcerated. I am filing a civil suit for use of excessive force, etc. I also want to thank the few brothers at WRSP that did, at least, say something as I was being mobbed. You know who you are and I appreciate the brothas that wrote a statement on my behalf as I would have done. For anyone in a predicament with DOC staff, that’s being a “man”, no matter the possibility of a vendetta/repercussions, to the real ones, I wish you “peace” and much “success” while you journey through these oppressive prison conditions. Blessings! God is my vindicator.


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