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Political Races

Everytime a game comes on the local news, a television show, u see infomercials that are publicized as who is right & who is wrong for political office as we witness mudslinging contests by politicians who are standing proudly on a tree stump. Both with their own political agendas, both with the backing of big infrastructure lining they pockets with blood $ to say what they want them to say. I mean why would I voluntarily pay 10-20,000 a plate to sit at the table, if we want talking turkey. This year's election deals primarily with Covid, the evacuation of Iraq, the casino being built in Richmond, the removal of the Confederate statues, & the release of violent offenders/cop killers (including the brother Vincent Martin) .

Criminal justice reform has been overlooked for years. Now on one of the ads a candidate for attorney general stands in front of a prison cell & says: Your governor proudly lets violent criminals out but the murder rate is up 34%”. The year is 2021 & brothers like Vincent Martin r rehabilitated/reformed. If you spent 47 years in a bathroom how would u feel? Not to mention his family. Also the politician spoke on the VA parole board letting brothers out from being incarcerated 20-50 years ago. While the same parole board won't let prisoners out if they committed a crime after 1995. When they at one time committed the same crimes? But on the general assembly floor they use examples of this dude who did this to Betty Sue 50 years ago. This person did this to Bernadette 40 years ago. While that criminal is either free in society/dead & gone. Not to mention any human being is entitled to a mistake.

As crime/sin is as old as biblical times. As God does the judging & forgives the sin. But the judge who serves the people cares nothing less of mercy/compassion. Now I am not defending crime/criminality. I am only saying the circumstances we face/the times/area we came up in/dynamic of why he/she did what they did all them years ago should not define them for the rest of their existence. Especially when prisoners r state property & r now as merely numbers. Or more importantly consumers to fund political campaigns. Owned by the same politicians who have their hands in prison for profits. So Y would I let anyone go when my family$ legacy depends on mass incarceration? As we only do what we're taught. Or act out for survival/peer pressure/public perception. When the difference comes when politicians constantly make promises but are never fulfilled. As their words r no more substantial than the wind. As we may have made a mistake but prison is the punishment. Not I am housed again in impoverished environment so I have to repeat exactly Y I am in here. When our families fend for themselves. Hence we wonder Y our children follow in the same footsteps.

The song & dance doing the Presidential election was criminal justice reform. We now have a President who was for locking up millions of minorities becuz drugs, guns, & gangs were oozed into our neighborhoods. As there is a saying negroes only respect violence & we live & die by it. My main point is the same slaves of yesteryear r in the same chains by design. Now the projects that house the same poor people voluntarily send $ in here for basic needs. While the inventor/the one behind the curtain eats lavishly. This is by design. 84 c phone calls, inflated commissary prices, inflated music prices, paying for free text/pics. No interaction with the opposite sex. For a crime. When our brother/sisters r vindicated everyday. It takes such a strong individual not to break. Did I mention the foul treatment? The verbal abuse. Now covid is going on there r no vocational programs, No GED, no religious programs, no visits from our families. Which is cruel, unusual, inhumane. As freedom is never a consideration. & I am talking about the prisoner as well. Well consent/silence is betrayal. One of my missions is to serve my community by opening up their eyes as well as exposing mass incarceration. I see on a daily basis dudes who have reincarnated themselves from all the foolishness. One is brother Vincent Martin/Paul Taylor. Two men who serve & interact with their community. But also gets the stares & death threats. We witness police brutality in the 2000$ which includes beatings, rape, disfigurement, or murder & walk out the courthouse with slaps on the wrist. Yet

when the shoe is on the other foot these brother's face criticism/disfranchisement. It is like we don't love humanity any more. This is the entire creation of any group who brings awareness in respecting human life. Or are we going to continue wearing missing person t-shirts, holding candle light vigils, pouring out liquor, getting r.I.p. tattoos? We say we hate what is going on. Well vote, protest, create a podcast to tell the truth to power. When at one time it was illegal to speak. Now we speak at such a low volume nobody attempts to hear us, becuz we have simply given up. Prison should never be a coffin when we r alive. When we say we can't breathe, Y not represent the ones who gave us life? Or do we continue letting our legacy die in vain. Or do we not believe in the concept of being a King? Or a prominent Queen? Our lives r harnessed by people who careless about our rights. Yet if we continue chasing the same structure (bling, fame, or notoriety) we will continue to fail. Revolution is to change anything we see fit. Just like in professional sports when someone sits in the hotseat Y not fire them? & put someone else more qualified in that position. Madiba showed exactly how to do this. All to bring peace to his country. All to be a representation of his country. By changing the inevitable. We say it's impossible but this is a myth. Just like labeling a broke minority a menace to society but in other jurisdictions is a citizen of his community. Not a man/woman proven guilty before innocent. Or who has a lawyer infiltrating just but only wants u to take the plea bargain. Peace


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