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The Fall of Criticism

People assassinate your character as they move on you, size you down with criticism

to make your flaws bigger and hyped, a false flag morality. Forever the vigilante.

First step to how the enemy tries to ruin your life.

As soon as a complaint has been filed, not even litigated.

Your mugshot with bad hair is on all the front pages.

Fingerprinted, sizes taken, inventoried for $3 a day.

Corrections should be to uplift your fellow man, but they just gettin’ paid.

Your trial going on, you in the hole, all presumed by endorsement.

Your opposition is the Commonwealth, it’s DOC and political forces,

Media and biased assist, enflames the minds of your NBC 12

Jury aghast of the fable of you ready to put you in Hell.

Even in events of innocence, public perception manipulation, shields the true criminal, corporate outcries to lucrative penal designs makes the truth worthless or minimal.

Harmless error, legislation always makes the end legal if it’s you in a cage.

Read the small print. They say you entered this hanging voluntarily at the bottom of the page.

You signed doped up on psych meds, disillusioned and underfed

Forked tongued coercion, shackled hands and feet saying you might also do time in the Feds.

Your will was overcame at gunpoint by an imperialist social controller.

Can’t assert your human rights when they kick in the door. Killed Brionna over a mislabeled folder.

The time now is to act, unify against the illogical scheme of despotism.

Intelligence, unite, and tolerance starting inside by the inner fall of criticism.


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