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Trial and Error, An Opinion

By Cecil Guy Truman, Augusta Correctional

The purpose of trial by jury is so that the People and not the Government controls the system of incarceration and justice. Trial by jury no longer exists because our court systems cannot provide trials for the number of people that go through the courts. We now exist in a system of being grossly over-indicted and extorted, intimidated, and strong-armed into plea deals. The judges, lawyers, and prosecutors are the actors creating this unconstitutional and illegal system of mass incarceration yet their corruption of our court systems goes unchecked by anyone.

The police that enforce the current unconstitutional system of mass incarceration pretend they don't see the unfairness and corruptions that takes place to the people they subject to this system. It takes an extreme level of self deception to pretend the current system is anything less than inhumane cruelties inflicted upon the people of this nation. That is why "all cops are bad." They enforce an unconstitutional, unfair (and you'd have to be insane to believe all are treated equal in the courts!), and cruel system of injustice and enslavement.

Anyone who does go to a trial are subject to unfair rules, perjury, false evidence, and gross ineffective assistance of counsel and given the harshest sentences possible. The rules are so one-sided that no one can win no matter how innocence you are. The State can lie, commit perjury, try you by ambush, and rend you voiceless and defenseless against any recourse by law.

There is no law being practiced in the courts because the courts themselves function unconstitutionally.


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