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Truth in Sentencing

At the recent conference call that was held on the 12th of November I spoke on Truth-in-Sentencing (TIS) as a tool of mass incarceration and some of the direct and indirect effects on our communities. TIS laws were adopted by the states in 1994 as a part of the plot to curb violent crime. As an incentive, the Federal government gave out grants to states who adopted these laws ($47 million in VA). In Virginia, parole was abolished, 85% laws were enacted (prisoners must do 85% of their sentences), and mandatory minimums were implemented which took away discretion from the judges to go below a certain amount of time. With TIS, incarceration has grown (due to warehousing) and the bill for corrections has grown astronomically (over $1billion). Truth-in-Sentencing is a thorn in the side of Virginians, it's about time that we remove it.

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Let's make sure our newly elected officials know where we stand! #RemoveTheThorn #Freedom4Hassan

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