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Prisoners and allies: Stronger together!

Recently VAPOC has been soliciting for family members from amongst the prison population who would like to be the face of the end mass incarceration rally that we are striving to have in Richmond at the beginning of 2018. So far we don't have hardly any volunteer family members. To me this is just a reflection of the overall mentality of the prison population here in Virginia. It is not the family members per se, it is the prisoners. Most of the population do not take their incarceration nor the circumstances surrounding it seriously, therefore how can we expect their families to do so? Most of the prison population is not at all conscious of the laws, policies, and regulations which oppress them, so how can we expect the families to be conscious when the prisoners are not educated enough to teach them? All things considered, VAPOC is not at all oblivious to the fact that the spiritual wickedness in high places is always at work to tear down what we proceed to build. Many of the prisoners suffer from depression, nihilism, and a defeatist mentality, so they don't understand the power they have to change their condition. Our plea to all those who would read this that have a loved one imprisoned is that you challenge them to be involved with the fight for justice. The thought of VAPOC like a brick wall, if you knock one brick out, you can cause the whole wall to fall. Though we may be individual bricks we are stronger together. Don't forget, for any who wish to volunteer to help organize the rally please send your contact info. to: (state that you want to be an organizer) In solidarity - Hassan Shabazz #GetInvolved

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