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Reinstate Parole in Virginia

The statewide Commonwealth poll found strong support across political parties and racial groups for reinstating parole. The idea had the support of: *75 percent of all Virginians *86 percent of Democrats *68 percent of Republicans *88 percent of Black respondents *77 percent of White respondents

With this many people in support of bringing back parole, why has there been so much resistance when it comes to passing prison reform legislation through the General Assembly? The answer has to be that the elected officials have an agenda which does not reflect the desire of the voters. Maybe its the fact that these multimillion dollar executives who benefit from mass incarceration donate funds to these campaigns and expect favors in return. No wonder the votes from these elected official's on certain bills does not reflect the desires of the public. It's time for us to hold these elected officials accountable, and demand that they support the changes that we seek. In solidarity - Hassan Shabazz #PowerToThePeople

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