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A poem

What Is Has Already Been Done... I know the Separation within being Brainwashed, To even being dragged away in Slaveships. To the "Yelps & The Whelps" of the many Cries & Blood that was released by every lash of The Slave Whip. I'm aware of the "Mass Indoctrination" that was left amongst My Home in amidst to achieve, The Labor placed into building a Country in which only the Indoctrinist would be able to succeed. Fear was the beginning of this hardship, with very few questions in a sense to survive, "A closed mouth doesn't get fed", Once again "Mass Incarceration takes another leap in disguise...."

--------------------------------- Peace To My Unified Family!!! Most of Us would like to think that We Move without any Ulterior Motive, however if this be the case, I'll be the 1st. to openly admit that "That's the furthest thing from the Truth." Just as Now, I come to You the reader with Jewels flowing from My Lips as if I were a distributor of "What I would like to see You wear amongst Your Ears as a sense of being able to Hear, Over Your Hearts as a Pendent showing & proving Your Dedication, And amongst Your Fingers as though to signify Your Loyalty within the Cause of another Adverse, yet Modernized Attempt to disfigure Humanity. (MASS INCARCERATION!!) Just as in the early 1500's (Slave Trade), in 1995 within the State of Virginia Governor George Allen at the time proposed the 85% percent law which was SO-CALLED prescribed to alleviate the rapid reflux within Virginia's crime Rate at the time. This law was designed to take away Parole/Opportunity in which "We All" need to not only show Remorse for those who we may have one way or another effected Lives, but also to Ourselves in order to actually Live Life beyond what We may have "Thought, or even Been Told at one point in time within finding the True Script of how to do what is Right." Being that "Fear" comes from what many fail to understand, in a sense of Coping; Most times We Turn The Other Cheek and leave things or situations in the hands of Someone or Something outside of Self in a attempt to rid Ourselves of the very equation that MUST be "Calculated" just as any Math Problem before We can receive The Proper Answer. Our youth are being incorporated within the scenario: (Lock them up and throw away the key); For One Wrong Choice or Poor Decision, Them and their Fathers are being Held Captive within a System where only those who came up with this 85% idea, and those whom also Build these institutions benefit from so many misguided youths labor. No different than being a Blackman on the continent of North America in the year 1619 when the 1st. Slaves were said to have touched American soil. This is not just a Black Thing, but a Long Ongoing Illegal Continuum Business where We have once again become 85% of not only this state (VA), but the Countries Income by keeping silent and metaphorically becoming just as Soft As The Cotton We once picked within so many fields that to this very day survive from the countless amount of Our Ancestors "Blood, Sweat, & Tears." I Am not Pro Black or Anti White, only Pro Righteousness and Anti Devilishment; and Wise enough to recognize just as the title of this Build that everything has a polarity so {There's Nothing New Under The Sun...} Food 4 Thought: "Together We Stand, Divided We Crawl!! Let's be the legs for Our Youth who never got that chance due to "MASS INCARCERATION." Peace To My Unified Family!!! "Infinite Illumination 7 Allah" (Wayne A. Thomas Jr.) VAPOC "Just as Understanding, Everything comes in Time; I KNOW THE FEELING" (19 years old in 1998 sentenced to "62 Years" without the possibility for Parole for Armed Robbery.)

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