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Education Over War

Trump just signed for an increase of 4 billion dollars for missile defense, and hundreds of millions for other military expenses. How come we never see this same type of zeal toward education? In Virginia over 75% of the prison population have an education of high school or less. In many ways that lack of education has led to mass incarceration, for a lack of education means less options and opportunities and this can lead to criminal behavior. In addition to the school system the culture of ignorance that we have accepted is also to blame. Being a thug, gangster, pimp, and drug dealer (among other negative figures), are glorified. Criminalty has been accepted as a viable way to escape poverty, and in some cases just a way of life. We have to change the culture, otherwise we will find ourselves in a future shaped by our youths delusions of grandeur that will never lead to success.- Hassan Shabazz #EducationOverWar

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