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Governor Northam, TIS has got to go!

Governor elect Ralph Northam has went on record stating that he supports Truth-In-Sentencing. Now how can the Governor elect support TIS when over 75% of Virginians want TIS gone according to the most recent Commonwealth pole? This tells me that he does not reflect what the people want, yet he sits in the governor's mansion. TIS is rooted in racism, and has disproportionately affected those who have traditionally been on the receiving end of a racist culture. The citizens of Virginia must pressure their elected officials to reflect what they desire in the way of legislation, otherwise those officials will just proceed to use them for votes and never give them representation that they deserve. - Hassan Shabazz #LiberalRacism?

A note from CFJ: In 1995, Virginia eliminated parole and created "truth in sentencing" which removed our ability to remedy overly harsh sentences that proved to be outliers and recognize that human beings are capable of remarkable transformation. The consequences of TIS would prove devastating as there would be dramatic Supreme Court rulings with regard to juveniles sentenced to life without parole. This is why we must end TIS and reinstate parole.

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