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The Struggle

I sit upon my bunk sometimes and I shed tears for the struggle. I look at the unlimited potential that we have to change our reality, and then I step out of my cell into the reality that it is just that, potential. The vast majority of the people around me suffer from nihilism and a defeatist mentality. They don't recognize their power. They are like the lions and tigers in the circus that have been raised in captivity. They don't roar like the lion in the jungle. The lion tamer sits in the middle of the circus cats with a whip and makes them jump through hoops, and act like housecats among other things. You see, they don't know their own nature. But ever so often, one of them awakens to his potential as a lion/tiger. The lion tamer immediately gets out of the circle, and then they will separate that cat from the rest so he doesn't remind them of their ability. The DOC often does that with us behind these walls when we show other prisoners what they are capable of. Such is the case with my comrade Askari Donso. A true revolutionary. They want to try and move him to silence his roar, but it won't work. He is not the only lion that is in touch with his nature, and wherever we go, there will be an awakening. They can never stop our roar. - Hassan Shabazz #NoCircusLions

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