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Prison Reform Rally 1/20/18: Elliott Hill statement on Constitutional Rights

My Name is Elliott Hill I have been incarcerated since 16 years old for a crime I never committed... I am now 36 years old and has done over 20 years of my life... I have wrote almost every organization that exist.. We live in a society were the justice system is for lack of a better word flawed. We have our constitutional right to assemble to show we have witnessed what happens in a society with broken polices. We the people end up being hurt. I am a victim of a broken system, a system that's made to look at those who have fell through this gray crack in our justice system as hopeless. We have to take this eye opening moment to say the power lies in the hand of the people. And we can make a change. That those who made mistakes can become productive if giving the chance... I on another note, has seen the justice system from a point a lot of people have not... But yet I still have faith that if we try can fix what has been broken... Thanks to everyone that came and may God bless your mighty efforts Elliott Hill

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