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Prison Reform Rally 1/20/18 Inmate Statement: Rehabilitation not Incarceration!

Greetings to my fellow peers in society, My name is Aaron Cater & I'm currently incarcerated. I am writing to U all to voice my concerns towards the issues of ending mass incarceration, bringing back parole, & bringing back the 65% law for fellow prisoners such as myself, so please consider this with an open mind & let a justifiable decision be rendered.

During my time & being incarcerated there has been a drastic rise in the rate of incarceration. With the rate increasing to a higher mass its been an unexplainable result of what there has been more & more people convicted with no therapeutic community programs that will help rehabilitate the ones that want to seek help to better themselves to have no chance of re-commit the same crimes that was committed to assist their families with food, clothes, & shelter. It is painful to all the families in society without their fathers, mothers, brothers, & sisters that has been convicted of crimes with giving out such a cruel amount of time & without the importance of having real role models to so many different households that a lot of our people look for but can't reach out to for the proper guidance because of the cruel time given behind petty crimes & even harsher crimes that has taken a full effect on our youth in the communities to grow up to be statics, this is due to not having their father, mother, brother, or sister within the household to run their respected tribe. Because they have been a part of this mass incarceration vacuum that has been going on for centuries & it is simply getting ridiculous.

Something has to be done because with this mass incarceration going on without the right help to rehabilitate all of those that need it instead of punishing us with those cruel sentences for the crimes that are being commited. It is not helping change lives but destroying lives & we that are part of this mass incarceration demand the people to reconsider bringing back the 65% law, & adding the proper programs to better suit the mental & spiritual progress to adhere the betterment of myself & the masses that is being faced up against this mass incarceration.

Please review this letter & try to understand the dilemma we are dealing with, with the incarceration numbers being so high. I have truly learned from my errors & I realize what it takes to be a productive citizen of society. Thank U for the time & consideration pertaining to these issues I've stated in this letter. I'm sincerely appreciative.

Aaron C

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