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Prison Reform Rally 1/20/18: Prisoner statement. Fishback Prisoners & Justice

From River North Correction Center

Yes, my name is Jemarr Jordan & at 19 years of age I was sentenced to 110 years. That was back in 1999. Here it is two decades later & we as prisoners are so thankful to have support to show up to the rally & speak on the behalf of those without a voice. I read in the Richmond Times Dispatch that the recidivism rate in VA is at less then 4% then it previously was, which shows that individuals aren't being released & returning to the same ways & actions that landed them in prison. There is a lot of constitutional errors that Virginia courts committed but us as prisoners don't have the funds to bring them to light. We need our voices to be heard. Thank you sincerely to all of those in attendance for the support & love. Consideration for the return of parole & acknowledgement that the Fishback vs Commonwealth case should be made retroactive because I'm one of the few hundred that took a jury trail between 1995 & June 2000 & my jury was never told that parole had been abolished in Va therefore the jury handed down harsh sentences while believing that a person would be released on parole after a certain amount of years.

Once again thank you! Jemarr Jordan



The mode is reality..

The thought is revolution for peace...

Sense of the crime is mental...

We are all living contradictions, trying to survive in a world filled with hypocrites...

We are born for characteristic building...

Help us stop being "living contradictions & hypocrites...

Help build our character & dont give up on us!!

Our crimes was from a false reality thinking..

Dont give up on us!

If U dont (know) You will easily fall of the (ledge) into the devil’s civilization!

signed snake

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