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Prison Reform Rally 1/20/18: Prisoner Statement - On Restorative Justice

Yes my name is B. Seward & I just so happened to have read the brother’s letter & he's absolutely right, on a daily basis we are exposed to the daily activities of card playing, riding the phones, telling war stories, & not thinking about being free citizens in society. As boredom fuels us more than edu.. & programming that is not provided is a disservice to what the tax payer pays for. That's not a goal we should all aim for. But to feed into ignorance is easy because we don’t identify with being ignorant. However who made us this way? Who is in complete control when the lights pop on? So if we fail how is it not on the system when we play a small part in our development? If I told U I got educated more from my own classroom (my cell) than from thinking 4 a change or substance abuse how would U feel? When I'm the one who is responsible for knowing who I am right (self)? Well isn't the mind the master? So in this province who has the keys? Well this place has been my life/home for 15 yrs & words don't mean shit without the action to back it up. I came in undeveloped at 16. However when I get out It a great possibility I'll be dysfunctional. Cause what is being taught I can't use in modern society. & after all this time aging is my dilemma. A lot of people would ask what do U mean? I've lost my whole family being in here. When we get out its so many hoops we got to dive thru, dealing with parole, or when we get out its so many strings that attaches to the same system they claim they want us to strive from, invisible chains. When in all actuality we were already punished. Is this the same system that they claim is better us. I just don't get the thinking. I hate this environment cause it removes me from the arms of my family. When its my duty to be there. We all make mistakes so let not pretend to be mistaken. I live off faith & ambition so when them gavels or when football's are gave out like fantasy football or when crowds gather in Richmond city no why U are marching. Hold the higher ups accountable. I hope to see the same forgiveness & faith to provide an opportunity to get out on parole. This is not the life we are designed for. In conclusion let's save these kids. If U are on the street take control. Do'nt let yo son/daughter/etc be a statistic in the almanac. Or an investment for wall street. Love humanity don't despise it, peace

Prison Reform Rally 1/20/18 Richmond, VA

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