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A Poem Written for the Coalition for Justice on Parole

"I'm only human" y'all got my back against the wall, & I dont see a way out & the judge as well, as the jury are the law abiding tax payers, so how can I believe anybody has been treated fairly, if they don't understand the half of what my life is about, I've struggled day in & day out since birth, not an excuse just being real, and they expect a two decade prison sentence to rehabilitate me, come on let's be real, I messed up I know, & my crimes can't go unnoticed, but I lack knowledge of a lot, & through my trails & tribulations it show this granted I know right from wrong, so I'll accept a punishment for my wrong doings like a man, but I have a family same as they do, That still after many explanations dont seem to understand, why daddy's gone be gone for a while or till we're grown, & back then my daughter was barely 3 years old, & the typical answer is "shit happens". & I hope she doesn't hate me when she's grown, I don't wish jail on anybody, no man, woman, or child but make expectations for those who belong, like the malvos & rapist on top of the people molesting a child, now their actions are unacceptable & life without parole is alright with me, but the Commonwealth states are giving out 20 plus years, for stacked charges such as guns or selling drugs in the streets, everything in life is done for a reason, no matter if its good or bad, but where I'm from the good goes unnoticed, & the bad well it just is what it is, fact is the laws of the land has to change, cause this on going cycle of motherless & fatherless kids is insane, the 65% law with the chance for parole should be effective immediately, not to give offenders a break but only a chance, because regardless of the worlds thoughts or feelings towards prisoners, the fact will always remain that we are going to make mistakes, just as anybody would because nobody is perfect the bible says "judge not unless ye be judged first" with that being said please keep in mind that I'm only human,


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