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Thoughts on the 1/20/18 Prison Reform Rally from two prisoners

(River North Correctional)

Greetings my name is Randy Cherry. I was born and raised in Norfolk Va. I don't understand why people feel as though, those who commit crimes in there early years of life don't deserve a second chance. Is it because we're not blood related? Those who show and prove that they are making civilized changes in there lives and are helping others to make the same changes does not deserve to be in prison for the rest of his life. At least give someone like that a chance. And parole is the best chance. So please give hope those who still have a little hope left. Because that hope is the only thing that's keeping those behind the wall from acting like the animals some think we are.

(River North Correctional) Hello my name is Robert Humphries, & I've been incarcerated for 20 yrs now. & I have changed a lot in my thinking & I truly see how the justice system works. 1st of all I want U all to known I am not trying to make anyone feel sorry for men I just want somebody that's somebody to listen & to understand. I am guilty of crimes I have committed & I do think I deserve to be punished. However I do feel I deserve a second chance at life also. I was given life & 80 for some robberies I committed while I was high on drugs. I never hurt anybody or even assaulted anyone. When the justice system only saw another black man that they could throw away the key on. I can't help to think if a white man with a drug habit how would the outcome been different. The system probably would have gave him less time. I don't say that lightly I say that because I am in prison & I've seen crimes similar to the ones I've committed & they get less time than me. Not only did they come back with the same crimes. They still got another chance at life. In other words they came back & got less time twice. So how can you honestly tell me I got the wrong picture? I hope my story can help people out there know that this rally & the support of this rally is greatly appreciated from me & the other inmates in my situation. All I & others like me want is a second chance to show that if a second chance is given we can be productive citizens in society. This is my 1st time in prison so I hope like I said somebody can hear my cry & reachout. PS if anyone wants to reach out I'm here for their support, inside looking out, god bless

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