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Black History Month at Augusta Correctional

Our theme for the Black History Program here at Augusta Correctional Center this year is "Black History Now," with the subtitle "What are we doing now to create History for the future?" The theme is based on the fact that we cannot proceed to celebrate the struggle of those that paved the way for us as just something that happened. We must adopt the spirit of these ancestors and begin to etch out our own place in history. Harriet Tubman led the Underground Railroad helping many slaves to escape physical bondage in the South, so how do we then follow in Harriet's footsteps in this day and time? We must create new Underground Railroads to help our people escape from mental, economic, and prison slavery. Let us honor all of our ancestors in this way, for by doing so we create history for the future. - Hassan Shabazz # BlackHistoryNow

From CFJ: The point Hassan makes is to get involved, go to and find an organization there or any other organization doing justice work, and get involved.

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