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Reconstructing the Good Conduct Allowance

peace & blessings to all the families & friends of incarcerated government name is Tyrone Hoggard but since I have started the practice & customs of the nation of gods & earths I have acquired the righteous name of infinite natural thought Allah.I would like for all the family & friends of the incarcerated to come to the aide of the incarcerated by not only attending these rallies,but also by getting involved at the general assembly's yearly to take vote on new laws that can impact your family & friends incarcerated & also impact you as well with laws that effect society. if you ever had or have someone you love that's incarcerated & you feel they've been given to many years,months,& days to do in this inhumane seldom unjust prison system than I ask that you to vote to change the law or laws effect the percentage of time individuals have to serve in prison. a lot of us are doing 85% of our time,& to be honest most of us are excessively sentenced & are being sentenced outside of the guidelines,or being convicted without any concrete evidence against the accused. also due to poor counseling from lawyers who persuade us to take plea bargains because they are secretly assisting the prosecution in obtaining a conviction. to get to the point,my brother Russell"empirical"Banks has come up with an effective way to reconstruct the GCA (Good Conduct Allowance)under 85% law we only get 3.5 days for every 30 days done.but this GCA proposal incorporated it affords prisoners an opportunity to earn up to 30 for 30 only if treatment plans are met & we remain infraction free.this will encourage productive habits. but if we don't have our love ones & friends fighting to help us change these laws by way of voting & attending rallies than there's no way possible we can get it done from in here.your outside presence is most necessary because you guys are our backbone & without a backbone we can't stand upright & if we cant stand upright than we have lay down & take all the stuff this unjust system does to us.peace & blessings to all families & friends of the incarcerated. Tyrone Hoggard B.K.A.infinite.

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