Who are you? A poem.

WHO ARE YOU? I AM not the boy that I use to be * a wild child that did not follow rules and had no structure. I AM not the father that I wanted to be * responsible/accountable. I AM a intricate of many personalities. NOT ECCENTRIC. I AM the descendant of many King's, Queen's and Chiefs. I AM a thinker I AM loyal I AM honor I AM courage I AM compassionate I AM humble I AM love I AM you WHO ARE YOU? I AM your grandson I AM your son I AM your brother I AM your father I AM your cousin I AM your nephew I AM your friend I AM you WHO ARE YOU? I AM hip hop I AM reggae I AM the blues I AM r&b I AM soul I AM creativity I AM harmony I AM music WHO ARE YOU? I AM the past I AM the present I AM the future I AM you WHO ARE YOU? I AM autumn I AM winter I AM spring I AM summer WHO ARE YOU? I AM justice I AM freedom I AM equality I AM the dream WHO ARE YOU? I AM Michael Brown I AM Stephon Clark I AM Freddy Gray I AM Emmitt Till WHO ARE YOU? I AM the pain I AM the struggle I AM affirmative action I AM collateral damage WHO ARE YOU? I AM Martin Luther King, Jr. I AM Malcolm X I AM Maya Angelo I AM Africa I AM you WHO ARE YOU? I AM you I AM me I AM Lorenzo I AM Muslim I AM growth I AM change I AM free

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