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I Am Frederick Douglas, A Poem

"I am Frederick Douglas", An Amerikan slave,

who is unafraid to talk loudly in public, scared of who?

Bodak yellow, no matter the consequences call me Joe Budden,

my life is embedded in loving hip hop, got so many bit$%es they playing hop scotch,

as they rub the guns, & lick the residue str8 off my Heckler & Koch, running from slave chasers,

maneuvering like a fox, as the underground shed light on new pathways 2 create ni%&as like 2pac,

it doesn't matter if U agree ain't no biggie,

I'll call U a liar & let Malcolm X spit on yo degrees, cause last time I check

U spitting fake accounts of yo his-tories, well let me bust that bubble,

Wake up off the ruffe

or feel the wrath of Mr Huckstable,

Just like Noah's ark, or our ancestors constructing the wheels then building the carts,

wouldn't be 1 building if it wasn't 4 our sparks, look at da pyramids, nothing short of perfection,

God's house da way an OG spose 2 live, Twin Towers bigger than big brah & them,

got the field ni++as hitting the fence lines, guns going off track & field maxi climbs, heart of a lion,

don't even got to squeeze the trigger, its natural my third eye open

aint got time to squint nigga,

when the rhymes end up on auction blocks than call they call me jigga,

when God himself aims at aiding them hidden figures,

who could've ever fathomed a black woman sending a white man to the moon?

even though every experience is God's expression, just like the manufacturing of the 500.

Smith & Wesson, don't no nothing about it? we'll here's your lesson, Next?

Y do we victimize our own children, sitting them in cars hotter than the building,

or drown them in tubs or throw them up into ceilings,

When my tears turn broke, no hope,

just watching the politicians get on TV's blowing hot smoke,

Fu$% Nicolas Cruz all them lives lost no such thing as I'm sorry, keep yo I owe U's,

then we bang on the NRA, its not they fault blame the freeways,

of hearing so many stories of dead presidents getting taped up all to land up into the briefcase,

then get transported held safe conditions right behind Mona Lisa's face,

some call them the masters, only this case its without a green jacket,

living in a unstable country had to get packing,

John Walsh on AMW offering up to 100 thousand, all U snitches out there what's cracking?

no loyalty but thank God 4 Canada, or matter fact the motherland be 4 U called her Afrika,

be 4 we get manipulated again something spectacular,

another 1 of them days of being trampled, give me liberty or death,

without Frederick Douglas wouldn't b no Negros left peace

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