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Sic Semper Tyrannis, the Virginia Way

Sadly, there are currently 2.3 incarcerated in this "politically organized body of people" regarded as the "Commonwealth of Virginia," ... are prisoners of war. I refer to us as such because, unbeknowst to the legislation, that is what too many of us have become! "Sic Semper Tyrannis," translated into the English language implies": thus ever to tyrants, the motto of Virginia." That is the Merriam-Webster definition. The same dictionary defines a tyrant as: an absolute ruler, a ruler who governs oppressively or brutally, one who uses authority of power harshly." My question to you is, have you ever observed the state seal in detail? At your next opportunity, please do so. Why, you may ask? Not only are those three very offensive words stated; but there is a man lying on the ground, his crown stripped from his head and strewn from his form. Standing above him is a man, a tyrant, with his foot planted firmly on his chest! Is that not oppression? Mnay of us have had our crowns taken from us. There is an astounding amount of talent trapped behing these walls. Some of which the world may never have the pleasure of seeing. Sad. We need to let them know that you may put your foot there, but you cannot keep it there. And you may take my crown, but you most certainly cannot keep it!"

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