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I am from Roanoke, a Vet, and a Prisoner

To all the public that this concerns:

Hello, my name is Daryl Thomas, better know to the state as #1532856. I attended school in Roanoke and finished it there. I am a US Air Force vet, father of 9 beautiful, smart, and loving kids. I am currently doing a 15 year sentence at Augusta Correctional in Craigsville, VA.

This was my first time being in any trouble, or rather accused of any. I believe that I was unfairly treated by the so called justice system to get to where I am. Here, me and others, are being cruelly and unusually punished. We are fed foods marked “not for human consumption”. We are limited in water for showers and toilet usage, which is unsanitary and unhealthy. All for the state and our justice system to save the public’s money for themselves.

These are just a few issues that we deal with daily. On behalf of all of the men and women living in these conditions, I ask for the public’s support to rise up and stand together with us and right the wrongs of our so called justice system.

Together we can make a change. Thank you for your time and God bless.

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