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Roanoke Speak Out for Justice Statement

Peace to U all! & thank U all for being in attendance. It has been said that silence is betrayal! And the fact U all are out there showing support/being vocal for the ones who can not speak is a beautiful thing!! It brings me great pleasure to knowing we are waking up, in dealing with this penitentiary complex. Which serves the same purpose as the auction blocks of yesteryear. Our families are being ripped apart right in front of our eyes. Our families are growing disfunctional. Which makes a legitimate impact amongst any one of our tribes. All I can say is the same supremacy that was once forced upon us, is being reinforced among one another. When this is no life to live. There is no need for senseless gun/gang violence. We don't need to build new walls we need to construct new bridges. Everyone has a position/role to play. When there are plenty brothers in here that deserve a 2nd shot in society. I consider myself as a once heather/hoodlum like Saul turned revolutionary like Paul. 'Cause brothers, sisters, & kids anyone can change. All we need is a new leaf, Peace!! the opposite of violence

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