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Over the course of my thirteen year period of incarceration, I cannot count how many roommates I have had. The majority were decent, though I've had my share of issues. That's just something one must accept when placed in a situation like this. I am unsure of the way other facilities house their offenders. I can only speak from personal experience. Along my journey, the only way it has been done, is just to stick two people in a small cell and pretty much wish you the best of luck. It is difficult enough to go from being home and free, to sharing close quarters with a complete stranger. However, I imagine it is much easier for the men. For women, this proves to be much more perplexing. So many different personalities, emotions, attitudes, and the like... Need I mention the other major thing that plagues us? We as women are catty by nature. But placing women who are completely foreign to one another, may potentially be a recipe for disaster! It has been known to happen. Arguments, fistfights are just the norm in such an enviornment. What else could possibly happen? No matter how well you may get along, eventually frustrations and irritation will arise. This can last only briefly, or it can become a permanent situation. Some women are mature enough to talk and work through their issues. However, some women may not be on the same level as the next, which poses a problem, of course. So what's done in this instance you may wonder? Absolutely nothing usually! Sounds crazy I'm sure. But it's the harsh reality some of us now find ourselves inside. So what do we do? Especially if we approach those put in place to "protect and serve" and they offer no assistance; where does that leave us? To fend for ourselves, that's where! Then if we are forced to defend ourselves, out come the silver bracelets and a walk straight to segregation. How does this seem fair? It's not! So I get punished for you putting me in harm's way? If I'm following the "chain of command" and making them aware of the situation, how is it my fault if I had to protect myself? That's what correctional officers are here to do. Maintain safety and order within the prison. So because they failed to perform their job duties, people suffer. What happened to "to protect and serve?"

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