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From Ashes to Ashes & Dust to Dust

Once upon a time, them Arabs sold them slaves, for fine articles of silk & elephant tusk, then ni%%as think its ironic we wear scents like Afrikan musk, or to shake sum dice to help grow some nutz, when we r the creators of the jungles we live in plus, we got the scars to prove it, the epitome of puberty, now we can't visit Starbucks? even though we brag of unimportance, tripping over each other call em cluts, So what Roseanne called us planet of apes, her ancestors put us in bond-age, when the streets are a zoo but we entrust, so what about God? he's missing, while the strips play they part, when guns are valued more then a synagogue, when praying hands ain't nothing but symbols of applaud, or a nice azz tattoos, all to pretend you own legitimate values, instead of being a negro like OJ, but I forgot he was even black, its only a skin color, OK! or is it a usual suspect? ain't no dreams its only a challenge of who's next? Untapped potential, the ball is in your court fool, U dont even have to dribble U can own the team dude, Or in your line of thinking it violates jungle rules? When the cart can't pull the mule, or is that actually true? When even if the world blew up U got robots to take over, cool When sheets cover our kids as they blood filters out like a swimming pools, It sad but that's life! with no dad, F$$k it where's my pen & pad, don't need no kleenex cuz my tears are covered by a lumberjack, while both pockets filled wit big sacks, Just trying to make it, ain't got no problems in faking it, Using axes that are forged in fire, cutting down icebergs wish they could call me a liar, (Speak out) peace to U all! & thank U all for being in attendance. It has been said that silence is betrayal! And the fact U all are out there showing support/being vocal for the ones who can not speak is a beautiful thing!! It brings me great pleasure to knowing we are waking up, in dealing with this penitentiary complex. Which serves the same purpose as the auction blocks of yesteryear. Our families are being ripped apart right in front of our eyes. Our families are growing dysfunctional. Which makes a legitimate impact amongst any one of our tribes. All I can say is the same supremacy that was once forced upon us, is being reinforced among one another. When this is no life to live. There is no need for senseless gun/gang violence. We don't need to build new walls we need to construct new bridges. Everyone has a position/role to play. When there are plenty brothers in here that deserve a 2nd shot in society. I consider myself as a once heather/hoodlum like Saul turned revolutionary like Paul. Cause brothers, sisters, & kids anyone can change. All we need is a new leaf, Peace!! the opposite of violence!!:

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