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Parenting Behind Walls

From behind these walls, parenting can be a very difficult job. But, it must be done if we want our children to be better than us. I know I do! I strive to set the best example I can for my sons. They are my Young Kings, and soon they will be men. It saddens me deeply because I have missed so much of their lives. However, it makes me happy when I talk to them and hear that not only have they really been listening to what I tell them, but have also been applying it in their lives. I understand that I have been absent from society for many years, and that this is a completely different generation of youth. Wiser, yet weaker. Though I feel it is important to be intelligent, I also feel that it is more important to encourage our youth to utilize this knowledge in productive ways. When I look around at these young women, these babies, and watch their behavior, it makes me curious to know just what they are being taught at home. Anything? They have no dignity, self-respect, or respect for anyone else. Where are the parents? True, there are more single parents than two-parent households. However, that does not excuse your duty as a parent; mother or father! What is wrong with these parents? I would give anything to be home with my boys right now! And these parents are home with theirs and do not care enough to at least try to show them the love and attention they need. Give them guidance and instill good morals and values in them. If I do it from prison, why can't they do it from the streets? No, there's no guarantee that your child won't make mistakes. That's inevitable. No, there's no guarantee that your child won't end up incarcerated. But why not do your job as a parent and try to prevent such a thing from happening? Maybe if those fortunate parents out there did their job, these children would see more in their future than prison.

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