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Dieting in Prison, a Joke.

If at every doctor's appointment we are told we are overweight and need to lose some, how are we to do such with what we are given to work with? For each of the three meals provided daily, the portion of starch is undeniably the largest! Lose weight? Caloric intake seems to simply be a number to abide by, even though the servings are disproportionate. They just slap something on the tray for the sake of the job. Just to say, "Hey, we did feed them today!" Even though the vegetables were dirty and rotten... Even though the fruit had been frozen, thawed, and served because it was bought in excess... "Hey, we did feed them today!" Even though the staff is provided with bottled water and we drink the contaminated water and contract H Pylori, "Hey, at least they have water to drink!"

What about the essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for good health? What about the Vitamin C to fight germs in a medical facility? Why all the processed meat that we don't eat and it goes to waste? Why, when people are starving out there and it would be so simple and much more cost effective to serve things like tuna salad and egg salad? What about the vegans and vegetarians? How many beans must they eat? How about more salad? How about more leafy green vegetables for those of us whom are iron deficient and are forced to purchase a multivitamin from the commissary which contains no iron?

And what about Keefe Commissary Network that has once again raised prices to ridiculous amounts, yet provide nothing healthy? They continue to rip us off for billions of dollars annually and people are still dying in a medical facility because we cannot even at least eat right to maintain our own good health! So... Between Keefe and our own chow hall which are secretly interconnected, who cares if we suffer from poor nutrition? As long as the rich get richer, who cares really.

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