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Drug Addiction Issues Need To Be Addressed

I think that when these judges are sentencing those with a drug addiction to serve time in a prison, they do not expect, or are unaware that the drug epidemic is equally as bad in the prison system. Is there not a drug rehabilitation center effective enough to help those in need? Addiction is considered a disease, which means that it can be treated. But, where? Certainly not in prison apparently. I do understand that a person will not change their behavior until they are ready. You have to want change within for it to be effectual. So, the question is, what strategy can be used as motivation for assistance to those battling this powerful demon? What is happening inside these drug rehab centers? Why are they not producing positive results; and what can be done to transform this experience for people? Maybe if this alteration was made, it would possibly cut down the prison population. Perhaps judges would consider ordering them to participate in a program that has been amended to be more forcible instead of sending them to a place that's fighting the same war as the streets.

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