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Reinstate Parole for Real Prison Reform

Regarding prison reform, if there will be no chance of re-instating parole, then there must be a way for the incarcerated to earn more "good-time" credit especially if they demonstrate rehabilitative skills and have a positive institutional adjustment. Also, sentencing is biased on the financial stability and sometimes education of an offender. Offenders with deeper pockets that could afford attorneys are sentenced to lesser sentences for the same crimes that those without paid attorneys are given more time for. How is that justice? How is that a balanced scale? It is not and cannot remain a balanced system with prejudice and injustice toward the underprivileged. Those with drug habits and petit crimes that are filtered through the system like a dish cycle have a higher recidivism rate than those with longer sentences and violent offenses. But, it is the "long timers" that do not usually cause problems. It is the long terms that for one second clasped judgement or were threatened or were coerced or were experiencing a drug habit. Do they not deserve a second chance? It is the longer sentenced ones that have to witness short-time offenders use the system as a revolving door while the long-time ones can't get a chance to prove rehabilitation because there isn't a chance for parole. How is that justice? Sentencing needs to be reformed. Parole needs to be reformed. The prisons are bleeding to capacity because the Justice system streamlines offenders and puts them on the conveyor belt to self destruction instead of affording them second chances to be productive and be rehabilitated. How is that justice? Prison is NOT rehabilitative. It IS the breeding ground for the criminally minded to learn more tricks to their trade, to be refined in their devious acts. How is that justice?

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