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Bring Back Parole in 2019

"Rehabilitate" is defined as being restored to a former capacity, rank, right, or health, but being redeemable is more in line with the goal of incarceration as it describes the aim to recover or rescue by paying a price. The price that a felon has to pay is the debt to society. Now one must consider not only the mind state at the time of the act that led to prison, but also the circumstances. According to members in the science community, the male mind doesn't fully mature until after 24. Now take in the environment many of these crimes are committed; in low income communities with a high percentage of the act being done while under the influence of alcohol & narcotics. The prison population is full of people that committed their offences as teens or young people that committed their offences before the age of 24. Now sentenced to death by incarceration & all is done that is required by the prison administration of staying charge free, employment, schooling, & a vocational trade which can never be utilized due to lengthy terms of imprisonment. What is left for the positive minded incarcerated person? There is no remedy for freedom even after 50 years? No good time to be gained & if married, no conjugal visits although allowed in some states. More money is put into prisons than into schools or programs for the youth to deter them from prison. Not to mention the tens of millions in need of medical care. As the prison population becomes geriatric & in need of urgent medical care. How can one be redeemed fully if not fully give a chance? In truth I am, Ramutu Michael Spratley said free the chain gang! & end mass incarceration! We are in need of immediate change

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