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Reform On the Other Side of the Bars

The definition of the word "reform" is: to make better or improve by removal of faults; to correct or improve one's own character or habits. The definition of "rehabilitate" is: to restore to a former capacity, rank, or right; to restore to good condition or health. Is that not the ultimate goal of imprisonment, or what they "claim" to be the ultimate goal? If so, why is there so much corruption within? The first link in the chain this state uses to hang us with is the politicians. The corruption trickles down link by link. Inevitably, it ends up in the prison system. And what they all expect is for us prisoners to be the weakest link. Surprise! Not all of us are. But, sadly, too many are. Luckily, there are people put in place to assist those with no voice.

When considering the logistics in regard to the penal system, there are already those prisoners whom are able to be manipulative enough for their own personal gain in negative ways. And that is only one example that reveals that those "in charge" are not quite as clever as they believe themselves to be! If so, they would never be caught doing what it is that they do. I have seen so much corruption and greed inside this institution since I first stepped foot on these state grounds. Things the average person would be shocked and appalled by! But, to us inside, it's just an everyday way of life. Some of the things were publicized. But, so much remains invisible. What I am certain of is the fact that what is done in the dark will eventually come to the light!

I have seen everything from sex scandals, to the school principal embezzling scholarship funds, staff smuggling in drugs, and down to the kitchen supervisors cutting costs on food they order for us and embezzling the extra funds to purchase food for his own restaurant business. Those are just a few instances. Much is still kept quiet no matter how "clean" they appear to be. You only see what they want you to see... But, in all actuality, they're the dirtiest ones! These people are a few who make up the penal system in the state of Virginia. Now you tell me who needs to be "reformed" and "rehabilitated?"

I hope you like it. Just to open the eyes

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