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A Poem, "What You're Taught"

Life is taught many different ways, from rich to poor, from Black to White.

Still the power of knowledge is priceless.

From the teachers that helped me with my school work,

they were much different from the teachers who said I was helpless.

So why try, when my G.E.D is priceless.

Understanding the difference between a job and a career nearly by the passion that it gives -- but how do we try to balance a teacher's salary with the youth's education?

The differences are against the odds of both,

With teachers struggling to get paid to do what they love

and students just handed books while struggling to learn how to read.

At the same time, most of the youth are hearing,

It may be smarter to sell drugs then go to school.

As teachers and bus drivers have no choice,

Survival or knowledge -- which one is priceless?...

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