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The Sad State of Health Care at Fluvanna

I come to you with a heavy heart this week my readers. I was just informed that we lost one of our sisters in the early morning hours today. So sad! I do not know who she was. I was given her name, which is irrelevant. The relevant issue is that she just lost her life in Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women. Details are unclear presently. But I did hear the call for two code-blues yesterday, not breathing. Unfortunately, one didn't make it. And, I'm almost certain that it could have been prevented. In a medical facility, you would think we'd receive the best care. But, sadly, the opposite is true. To them, we are just a number. A mathematical equation. And when one of us loses our lives, that's one more deducted. One more prisoner down. How many more to go?

A note from CFJ: FCC has yet to comply with a court-ordered health care settlement. This post was sent to us in January but we receive many blog posts and post in order so sometimes they sit for a bit. It's sad that the post is still all too relevant several months later.

See this link for more details on the health care situation:

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